Operation policy

to the items
Other fees such as advertising fees, consulting services, other fees on the website
 Be given a registered name and password to access the services
on the website www.square.vn (if available).
• Enjoy incentive policies provided by the website www.square.vn or third parties
on the website www.square.vn. These preferential policies will be posted directly on
website www.square.vn or sent directly to the customers, readers.
2.2. Obligations of customers, readers
Ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of your information on www.square.vn.
• Comply with legal provisions on information supply and contract conclusion
website www.square.vn and the provisions of this Regulation.
• Comply with relevant laws on payment, advertising, promotion.
Secure and maintain and all activities using the service under the username, password and
its electronic mailbox.
• Inform the management of the website www.square.vn about the usage
unauthorized, abusive, security breach, retention of third party registration and password
to take measures to handle in time.
Responsible for content, images of business information and information
as well as the whole process of using the service on the website www.square.vn.
• Do not use the services of the www.square.vn website for illegal purposes,
unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, unlawful exploration, sabotage, creation and distribution
Spread the virus to the system, configure, transmit information of the website
www.square.vn or use their services for the purpose of speculation, market segmentation
schools create orders, fake offers, including for the purpose of judging
market demand. In case of violation, the member shall be responsible for the violation
Their behavior before the law.
• Not to alter, modify, assign, copy, distribute, distribute,
Create the same tools of the service provided by the website www.square.vn
the third party without the consent of the management website www.square.vn in
This Regulation.
Do not act discrediting website www.square.vn in any form
Such as causing disunity between customers, readers using the second registration name
two, through a third party or propaganda, dissemination of unfavorable information
For the prestige of the website www.square.vn.
1. Disputes arising during the transaction on the website www.square.vn will be
the negotiating party resolved, if not resolved by itself, the Agency
the competence to settle according to the provisions of law.
2. Regulation of the website www.square.vn is effective from the date of posting
website www.square.vn.
3. Where the contents of the regulation must be changed in order to ensure the purpose and operation of
website www.square.vn will be announced on the website www.square.vn 5
(five-day. After 5 (five) days of notification, the regulation is amended, supplemented and replaced
The effect. Customers, readers continue to use the service after the revised regulations
Published and enforced means that the customer, the reader has accepted the Regulations
This amendment.
Official website www.square.vn:
Company / Organization: Square Interior Design Company.
Main office: No.103 / A20, Le Van Tho Street, Ward 9, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City
Transaction Office: Floor 1, Building TS, Cu Xa Do Thanh, 17th Street, Ward 4, District 4
3, Ho Chi Minh City.

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