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    Thiết kế- Thi công văn phòng Robinson

    Design- Construction of Robinson office

    Thiết kế – Thi công văn phòng AIC

    Design - Construction of AIC office

    Thiết kế – Thi công văn phòng Vinasawa

    Design - Vinasawa office construction

    Thiết kế – Thi công Showroom công ty Bathpro

    Design - Construction Showroom of Bathpro company

    Thiết kế – Thi công văn phòng Tiki

    Design - Tiki office construction

    Thiết kế – Thi công văn phòng Inspite Ventures

    Design - Construction of Inspite Ventures office

    Thiết kế và thi công văn phòng Tiniworld.

    Design and construction of Tiniworld office.

    Thiết kế – Thi công văn phòng MBS

    Design - Construction of MBS office

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    at selected square

    Seven reasons to choose the design, interior decoration of Square


    In a business world that is challenging and competitive with the ever-evolving technology of information, the best way for businesses to keep up with the trends and needs of the market is to create a fun working space. and develop. At the same time, apply the insights into reality with drastic and persistent actions. 7 […]


    It is important to identify the geographic, demographic, and social characteristics of the neighborhood. Tell us about its location (i.e. urban, suburban, rural, etc.), density (i.e. dwelling units per acre), or street layout and connectivity; economic, social, and ethnic diversity; and functionality (i.e. residential, commercial, retail, etc.). We also want to know whether a plan or specific planning efforts contributed to or sustained the character of the neighborhood.


    Blue Cross Travel Insurance Co

    "As the fastest, fastest, fastest and most responsive consultant of all inquiries and inquiries from the owner. During the construction process, Square always ensure the progress and quality of the project handed over to investors.

    Tập đoàn đa quốc gia De Hues

    "The team in charge of project enthusiasm, consultants clear all the details for customers, and professionalism, high responsibility. I am satisfied with the quality of products and services provided by Square Decoration JSC. "

    Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan, A & K Representative Office

    Square is a very good environment for learning and development. With a great working environment for personnel. Thank Square for giving me a rewarding experience.

    Ms. Bui Thu Hang, Owner of Imperia apartment

    "The business, design and construction have a good working attitude, cooperation and experience. The information exchange continuously, clearly, meet the schedule set out.

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